Here at Glens of Antrim Crisps, we care about our beautiful surroundings on the Antrim Coast, and we want to do our best to protect that.


Our factory is based on the bottom of the Lurigethan Mountain and any water we use is drawn straight from here. All wastewater is then filtered through our reed bed water purification plant.


On some of our local farms, we plant Phacelia on ground that is too steep for potato growing. Phacelia is an excellent source of nectar and pollen for bees in the Autumn when they don’t have many sources.

Stock Feed

Potatoes that don’t meet the criteria for our crisps are not just thrown away, we couldn’t let them go to waste, so we fill them into potato buckets and send them for stock feed to keep livestock from going hungry!

Sourcing Local

We focus in on sourcing as local as we can here at Glens of Antrim. Right down to the raw materials. We source all our potatoes from local farms here in Northern Ireland and ROI and we work closely with local suppliers for our packaging, seasoning and oil.

We even source local ingredients for our seasoning like our Sea Salt which we source from Port Oriel in Clogherhead, Dublin and our Irish Mature Cheese from West Cork.